Flushing-Fresh Meadows Jewish Center



OUR 82nd Year 





Welcome to our Congregation

Located at- 193-10 Peck Avenue,
Fresh Meadows, NY

Telephone- 718-357-5100

Fax- 718-353-3675

Email- FFMJC@yahoo.com


The mission of this Congregation shall be to establish and maintain a Synagogue and such educational, religious, social and recreational activities as will help to further the cause and objectives of the Synagogue and traditional Conservative Judaism

Become a Member
Dues-Family-$250. Includes 2 tickets for High Holidays
Dues for a Single Person-$125. Includes 1 ticket for High Holidays
Call our Office 718-357-5100


Rabbi- Gerald M. Solomon
Cantor - Aaron Katz
Rabbi Emeritus - Paul Hait

Anita Bernstein
Byron Dresner

We mourn the passing of our beloved member Albert Kimmelstiel
a Vice President of our Congregation for many years who participated
 in our programs and activities and who with his wife regularly attended
Shabbat Services
We mourn the passing of a member of our choir Dr Morey Jampol
who lived to the age of 98 and recently moved to Florida as a permanent
resident but suffered an auto accident which led to the end of his life.
He shall be missed